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Affordable prostheses for LMIC

Ugani has developed an innovative digital (3D) workflow which enables orthopaedic technologists to lower the cost of their devices while increasing the quality, using low-cost tools.

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Reinventing Orthopedics

Spentys has revolutionized the orthopaedic world by offering easy-to-use software to create high-quality orthoses in a fraction of the time needed normally.

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Highest Comfort

The Prothea devices are custom-made using 3D technology by trained professionals. This gives a perfect fit and ensures the highest comfort level for our patients.

Fastest Delivery

Thanks to the use of 3D technology, devices can be designed and manufactured at light speed. In many cases, the patient can get fitted within 24h!

Highest Quality

Our devices have gone through rigorous testing, showing they can handle millions of cycles. Every device goes through quality control before being fitted on a patient.